How To Access The Hottest Tech Start-Ups

Written by Vincent Yam

April 6, 2022

There is certainly plenty of buzz around start-up businesses, but what exactly is a start-up? In the broadest sense, this is the name given to a company that is still in the early stages of smoothing out the details of their product or service offering and still deciding how best to market it to the right customers. With many recent start-ups now well on the way to becoming established household names (think Uber, Air B&B, Buzzfeed and Etsy, for example), there are certainly compelling reasons to get involved in this kind of operation. It is no wonder that many want to add experience in a start-up to their tech careers.


Why Talented People Join Start-Ups

The unrivalled scope for learning and professional development attracts many of the most talented people to start-ups. For those in the tech industry, in particular, the early days of figuring things out to the brand’s best advantage is a fast-paced, intense period that can present as many challenges as might usually be experienced over a much greater span of years spent in an enterprise-class business.

This means that by working at a start-up, tech professionals will be rewarded with an unrivalled opportunity to test and develop their skill set. It also represents a fantastic opportunity to grow in other professional areas, such as understanding business methods. It can be the perfect way to refresh motivation and enthusiasm after building an established career and provide the ideal starting point for ambitious graduates keen to prove themselves.


Working With Passion

A key attraction of working in a start-up environment is the atmosphere. Rarely will you encounter such a singular and unified company culture as in such a business, which can prove a powerful motivator? The people who have created a start-up business will be passionate about their brand, and their enthusiasm and ambition are likely to be infectious, making you eager to get up and get to work each day. There is a common perception of a more laid back, fun atmosphere at such businesses, too, as well as less of a formal leadership hierarchy.

All of this means there is also likely to be better opportunities for agile working practices, such as taking on responsibilities in areas outside of your typical tech remit. This can be enormously rewarding and create an extra beneficial experience for your CV. Progression to an executive-level position can be achieved more quickly at a start-up. If you are lucky enough to be given stock options as part of your package, it can prove financially rewarding in the future, too.


Getting Into a Start-Up

This means that if you are looking for a role at a tech start-up, you need to convince the team that you can fit into their dynamic environment. The recruiters will be looking for someone with the motivation, enthusiasm and drive that matches other start-up staff, as well as evidence that you can work on your initiative (there won’t be time for any hand-holding in this demanding workplace).

So, if you have the right skills, tailor your CV and covering letter to reflect this, focusing on the experience you have that directly demonstrates the vacancy advertised.

Finding the right start-up opportunity can be a challenge in itself, so reach out to your professional network and social media avenues too. Creating an online portfolio linked to your social profiles can be invaluable – it may even be that the proper start-up approaches you as a result.

Of course, an excellent way to be in the loop for the hottest tech vacancies is to work with experts. At Tekna Search, we understand the demands of start-up businesses and can match our candidates to the right opportunities for them. With specialist knowledge and experience in the tech recruitment sector, our expertise ensures that your career path is shaped according to your ambitions.


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