Taking the next step in your career can often being a daunting and overwheleming experience.
The Tekna Search team are here to support you in finding the next role for you, based on your unique requirements.
We partner with both the world’s most established Quantum Computing & AI businesses, as well as new and exciting market disruptors, meaning we can find the right role for you.

How Tekna Search support in finding your next role


We only represent clients & organisations that represent the best of the industry


Working to your requirements, we will help you find a role that fits at the right time


Supporting you throughout the whole process, we’ll prepare you when going to interview


Starting a new job is incredibly important – we work with clients to make it comfortable and exciting!

Quantum recruitment for specialist roles

Discover the Quantum Computing & AI roles that Tekna Search specialise in.

Quantum Engineer

We are proud to partner with some incredible hardware companies across all platforms who hire quantum engineers to conduct experiments and build up their systems. All of our roles are R&D focused with a clear vision in mind.

Whether you are a student just starting your journey or someone with many years of experience our team can help advise you on your next move.

Quantum Algorithm Developer

Quantum algorithms are being written today to prepare for the computers of tomorrow and we proudly partner with various companies with their own unique approach to this revolutionary challenge.

Whether you have a software background and have now moved into developing quantum algorithms or have a hardware physics background and moved to the writing algorithms our team can help find your next move.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineers build models that automatically learn and improve from previous experience, much like humans. Focusing on the development of computer algorithms that have the ability to access, use and learn from data.

Machine Learning is a rapidly growing field with the amount of data points being created right now, the demand for Machine Learning Engineers is at an all time high. Tekna Search work with customers to find skilled Machine Learning Engineers and help engineers advance their careers.

Data Scientist

At the beginning of 2020, the digital universe was estimated to consist of 44 zettabytes of data. By 2025, approximately 463 exabytes would be created every 24 hours worldwide.

With all of this data being created, Data Scientists play a vital role in making sense of this data. Data Scientists build processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data.

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