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Taking the next step in your career can often be a daunting and overwhelming experience.
The Tekna Search team are here to support you in finding the next role for you, based on your unique requirements.
We partner with both the world’s most established tech businesses, as well as new and exciting market disruptors, meaning we can find the right role for you.

How Tekna Search support in finding your next role


We only represent clients & organisations that represent the best of the industry


Working to your requirements, we will help you find a role that fits at the right time


Supporting you throughout the whole process, we’ll prepare you when going to interview


Starting a new job is incredibly important – we work with clients to make it comfortable and exciting!

Providing solutions to scale tech teams in the USA

Discover the team to enable your growth.  Our bespoke solutions include:


Talent as a Service

Our Talent as a Service is a true ‘done for you’ service for Tech companies in the USA looking to keep ahead of the curve and ensure capacity year-round to scale and reach their goals by attracting the best talent ongoing.  We embed in your organisation to become YOUR resourcing team to work with you to build the ultimate attraction and resourcing plan to go beyond meeting needs but to pre-empt your needs and ensure the talent is in place.


Capacity Accelerator

Our capacity accelerator is for Tech companies in the USA looking to scale quickly and efficiently.  We will work with you at the planning stages to develop a resourcing solution and plan to enable your goals from parachuted in contract tech teams, to capacity accelerated with new perm team members of teams.

Statement of Work

Outsource the whole project or key parts and take the weight off your mind.  We can act as your consultancy to deliver the critical outcomes desired from planning, execution, and testing with insurance.  With over 15 years of tech project delivery experience, our partners from the top 200 tech companies worldwide bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to deliver confidently.

Allowing you to focus on the business and reach key KPIs effectively and efficiently.

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Take the next career step

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