Showcasing Your Development Skills To Attract The Best Projects

Written by Vincent Yam

June 17, 2022

There’s a world of difference between project work and everyday, ongoing life in a permanent, fixed role when it comes to working styles. And with the project working model becoming increasingly popular with both employers and professionals, candidates need to understand what they need to be doing to navigate this marketplace successfully.


The New Way Of Working


The world of project-focused working is different to traditional working styles. Also known as BAU (Business As Usual) working, the ongoing processes of a company are typically categorised as work with no predetermined end date. BAU also seeks to identify areas for development or business growth, whilst project teams are the people who make these changes happen. Due to their long-term vision, BAU teams are risk-averse, whereas the best project teams understand that risk can be instrumental in delivering innovation. With the project work model on the rise across various industries, including tech, organisations are getting to grips with how to maximise the potential of this new approach, and candidates need to position themselves accordingly.



Project Work Offers Advantages


The good news is that there are benefits for all involved too. Employers can rapidly bring in individuals with the skills and experience needed for a particular project rather than spend valuable time and money training existing staff members. The modern evolution towards project work also reflects the growing trend toward agile working practices. The results speak for themselves: greater productivity, better use of resources, and better efficiency.

And for the professionals, jumping from project to project can allow them to build their ideal career, develop the skills they want, and work for different organisations. Indeed, a motivated individual can quickly accrue a great deal more knowledge and experience through project work to varying organisations than they could ever hope to gain in the same space of time at a steady, permanent job. Simply put, it’s an exciting, dynamic way to work.



Getting It Right


Of course, where firms decide to employ teams on a project basis, choosing the right individuals is crucial. Firms will need to have a mix of people who can bring their essential strengths to the project. They will focus on building a team that possesses the range of skills and experience necessary for the work at hand. This will be reflected in the project brief to which you will need to align yourself in securing the roles you want. Consider the project from the firm’s perspective and assess how you can make your experience stand out amongst the best talent.

Firms need candidates who work well with others, respond positively to feedback, and react flexibly to challenges. They pick teams who actively complement the working culture of the business, as this will help to ensure that the overall positive workplace atmosphere is maintained. Consider too the importance of softer skills.

As a candidate, showcasing relevant skills is vital. Think of how to demonstrate that your unique capabilities and experiences will directly contribute to the project brief. Mentioning any similar roles that you have held and showing an enthusiasm to tackle and overcome any potential obstacles will stand you in good stead.



Partner With the Specialists


Firms wishing to bring in ready-made teams that deliver the results they need will often choose to work with an experienced talent partner. At Tekna, we understand the demands of project-based tech development work and can quickly assemble a bespoke team of talented individuals who can meet a brief.

As a candidate, we can ensure that you can access an exciting ongoing selection of projects, enabling you to develop your career just as you want. We’re experts in consulting, talent and project management, making us the perfect partner in helping your career grow.

Whether you’re a business or a candidate, get in touch with us today at [email protected] or +44 (0)20 8050 2406, and discover how Tekna can help you achieve your ambitions.

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