What Comes First, The Team Or The Project?

Written by Vincent Yam

March 30, 2022

When you’re running a business, the one thing you can always be sure of is that there will be plenty of decisions to make. And, of course, whilst you are busy making all of these different kinds of choices, you will be hoping you have made the right call. One critical decision is determining when the time is right to bring in new staff. Staff are themselves a costly resource, and you must know there will be enough work for them to do to make their expense justifiable from a business point of view.



Timing Is Everything

Of course, waiting until you already have the workload to necessitate bringing in more staff will be too late for your business. This strategy will simply lead to missed deadlines and plenty of stress for you. Imagine, for example, that you have a sales team who have achieved their objectives and driven up orders, but you don’t have the correct support teams in place to deliver on this business. This will end up costing your company in terms of lost custom (as disappointed clients take their business elsewhere) and damage to both your brand’s reputation and the morale of your existing staff, who will have worked hard with no payoff.

The answer is to think about the future. When you are starting on your business journey, it’s best to focus on creating an agile core team that will apply themselves to different tasks with versatility. Later, as finances begin to flow and the demand for particular sets of specialized skills grows, it will be time to bring in dedicated tech teams or other support staff.

It is essential, too, to remember that the hiring process itself can take a considerable period of time (that’s why the time-to-hire metric is so vital to industry experts). This means you will need to factor this timescale into your future planning. It may be that taking on staff on a short-term contract can be a good option if the time to find a great permanent employee is proving too long.



Consult With the Experts

Recruitment is a tricky but essential component of growing your brand, which is why it makes partnering with specialists an excellent business strategy. Working with experts in the recruitment field can ensure that your timing is calculated with efficiency and ensure that the candidates you attract will be the right fit for both the position and your unique working culture. After all, the process of making new hires is not only time consuming but incredibly expensive if you make the wrong choice.

By choosing to partner with the specialists at Tekna Search, you can be confident that your business will be benefiting from its ideal, tailored hiring strategy. Our consultants draw on many years of experience and understanding of the industry to identify the perfect candidates for your growing tech teams, ensuring you have the right skill sets in place. We offer a comprehensive range of talent management, consultancy, and project management services, so why not get in touch today and discover how Tekna Search can help your business blossom?

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