The Guide To Resourcing For Scale-ups and Hypergrowths Successfully – Download Now!

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Written by Vincent Yam

February 14, 2022

Funding can be a volatile matter, even for successful start-ups.

You need to anticipate how your business will grow with the funding, which is where consultancies specializing in scale-up businesses like Tekna Search can help.

If you want to grow the business and meet investor expectations, hiring top talent is a must which is why we have put together…

The Guide to Resourcing For Scale-ups and Hypergrowths Successfully 

If you’ve just received funding and don’t know where to start when scaling your tech team – our latest eguide will be able to help you

In this guide we address:

  • What is a scale-up versus hypergrowth?
  • Identifying your challenges
  • The importance of selling your role
  • Making impact hires
  • Getting company culture right

Download your FREE copy here.

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